The most important thing in the digital world today is to have a functional web presence. Whether it is on social media or your own custom website, you have to have good user interface and attractive visual design.

Working on your website and restructuring your internet presence can be a difficult, costly endeavor. You want to ensure that updates you’re making will drive ROI, and that time-intensive design is not too trendy. You also want to make sure your website does not look too dated, or that you jumped on a hot trendy look. Remember when everything had a drop shadow and a gradient on it? You don’t want to look out-dated or like your website hasn’t been updated in 5 years. Making the wrong visual choices can lead to fewer customers.

Year ago, website were not considered modern unless they have flash animation. Every business was clambering to get some moving graphics on their homepage. Then came smart phones and everything changed for mobile websites and social media apps. If you have Flash animation on your site now, you might be considered a dinosaur.

Style your website like you would your outfit

Navigation is a very important aspect of your digital marketing, and you don’t want to make a visitor re-orient their brain just to find new information. Do you want a top horizontal navigation bar on your website? What about a sticky nav or a left side subcategory dropdown? If your website structure is out-dated, then users will give up on the maze before they get the vital information.

User interface updates will do more than just modernize the look of your site, they can help optimize clicks, lead prospective customers to your contact information quicker, and help you rank higher on search engines. Sometimes a good design option, like solid color choices and readable fonts, can help Google rank you higher and allows for faster pagespeed and load time.

Conveniently, a visual redesign or user-experience optimization is a prime opportunity to enhance the SEO and overall marketing of your business. When you update the look and feel of your digital content properly, things stay in style longer. By sticking to some classics, you will have to update your website less and keep users consistent and comfortable.

Just like fashion, some things like jeans and black t-shirt will also be cool. Style your website like you would your outfit, you don’t want embarrassing pictures coming back to haunt you someday.

– Jon Silver is a Senior Art Director and Web Developer