When you are creating a multimedia project, you very often have to utilize the talents of several creatives. For video, you need a good Director, good Director of Photography, and a good subject or cast of actors. But, how do you find the talent for your project?


Look at what the people have done in the past. Make sure they have a relevant portfolio of work. If you are looking for a good Graphic Designer or Illustrator, make sure you see what they have completed before and that you like the finished result. It may seem like basic common sense, but you would be surprised how often people get hired without direct experience.


Have them try out for you. Usually this is reserved for actors and actresses, but you can often have a photographer or a designer do a test project or something on spec, just to see if it is a good fit. The creative will tell you if they are not interested in auditioning, but you can also hire someone for a project and just treat the first gig as an audition.


Does the person you are considering have a knowledge-base that is similar to your project? It is best to find someone who gets it from the start. If you are shooting an apparel commercial for example, the best director is someone who understands the clothing business and the marketing strategy.


When trying to find the right person for a creative project, you have to be able to discuss and talk about the goals. You want someone who is easy to talk to, and economical as well. Most media is at its core just a series of communications.


One of the most important factors in casting or hiring a creative, is how you get along, and the strength of your professional bond. To allow creativity to flourish, you need good camaraderie and respect. This has to be someone or a group of people you are comfortable working with, as you will be spending many hours together on a creative endeavor.


A media project needs team members who have a good mix of talent and great communication skills that you can build a rapport with. That comes over time and testing, and making sure that you have the right partners in place to help guide and manage the process. At LStop Media, we have built a collective of creative professionals we utilize and place based on the scope of work, client, and budgetary requirements. We treat each client and project with special attention, where you get big agency creatives, with small business service, attention, and costs.