LStop Media is a one-stop resource for production development and creation, communications, and engagement. We develop, produce, edit, design, and build content that is suited and optimized for audiences throughout different channels of delivery. Our company always works with clients to tailor all pricing, crew, and gear specifically to the scope of work for any project.


LStop Media collaborates with clients to produce cutting edge content. Our team brings decades of experience. From creative development to technical aspects, we are prepared to handle all phases of production from literally any angle, producing highly polished and professional content that is also approachable, customizable, and engaging for all channels of delivery.

We work with clients from a variety of verticals,  our areas of focus include:

  • Live or Taped Events and Shows
  • Presentations
  • Organizational Overview Videos
  • Advertisements
  • Documentary and Storytelling
  • Audio Production


Our team creates graphics and animations inspired by a theme, website, branding, item, and/or style guide. Digital graphic designers and animators develop and produce on-screen visual cues, identifiers, models, and complex animations in 2D, 3D, and VR. This content helps propel the main idea of content in a clean, consistent, and engaging manner.


LStop Media is able to provide full photo coverage for all types of projects, events, portraits, and products. Our gear ranges from high-end stills cameras and drones to 360 cameras, allowing us to capture images in all types of scenarios and from any perspective. All cameras have the ability to wirelessly transmit content at a moment’s notice to smartphones or tablets, for times when clients need immediate delivery.


Our group can help design and create stylish and powerful digital pieces to deliver your message. Our collaborative team of experts construct high quality content, built to bring clicks, grab viewers, be captivating, and expand your goals. We craft anything from logos and visual identity, to functional and responsive websites.