LStop Media is a full service content production agency that brings together a creative collective of industry experts. We pride ourselves on providing the most efficient, collaborative, and creative means to elevate services for clients. Our goal is to ensure that the content we capture and create for you is as equally compelling and captivating, as it is relatable and informative.

LStop Media is a one-stop resource for production development and creation, communications, and engagement. We develop, produce, edit, design, and build content that is suited and optimized for audiences throughout different channels of delivery. Our company always works with clients to tailor all pricing, crew, and gear specifically to the scope of work for their projects.

In addition to our production services, we have a team of social media and digital marketing experts that can assist with promoting and using content produced for your projects.

video Production

We collaborate with our clients to produce and deliver cutting edge creative content solutions. From story telling, events, and presentations to graphics and animations, our production team can tailor content geared to enhance your brand and express your ideas.


Animation and Graphics

Our team can create graphics and animations packages inspired by a theme, website, branding, item, and/or style guide. Digital graphic designers and animators can develop and produce on-screen visual cues, identifiers, models, and complex animations in 2D or 3D. Whether supplementary or the driver of your video, these help propel the main idea of content in a clean, consistent, and engaging manner.


Audio Production

Dynamic sound is important to ensuring the best quality production and viewing experience for audiences, helping to pull together the visuals of a project. LStop Media has the latest and most sophisticated audio solutions for on-location shoots, narration and voice overs, custom composed and licensed music, and post-production. Our team is prepared for all types of situations, working with you to identify and choose audio solutions that match your brand, subject matter, and project goals. 



LStop Media is able to provide full photo coverage and portrait/headshots for all types of projects, events, and products. This content can supplement video and/or be used for other purposes such as digital or printed content. Our gear ranges from high-end stills cameras to drones, allowing us to capture images in all types of scenarios and from any perspective. All cameras have the ability to wirelessly transmit content at a moment's notice to smartphones or tablets, for times when clients need immediate delivery. 


Media & Communications

Our group works with clients to strategize and manage the promotion and dissemination of ideas and information between them, the public, and media. We identify the proper outlets and mechanisms to gain ideal traction and build your identity.


Digital Design & Branding

Our group can help design and create stylish and powerful digital pieces to deliver your message. Our collaborative team of experts construct high quality content, built to bring clicks, grab viewers, be captivating, and expand your goals.


Driving Content

We are dedicated to the development, enhancement, and implementation of social and traditional marketing strategies aimed at engaging, growing, and motivating audiences. Our strategic and customized solutions promote you and your organization.